Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to Get More Views on SoundCloud

Before I show you exactly how you can become a true SOUNDCLOUD VIP , let me tell you a bit about me, and why I'm so sure that with my help you will get thousands of plays and of fans!
Seven years ago, we started learning and doing YouTube Marketing, two years after that we started selling our YouTube marketing tools to the large public.

In less than six months our software created a real tornado in the youtube marketing niche, and they've set a new quality standard for the online marketing software.

In the last 5 years we helped over 5000 clients to become real youtube marketing experts.

A lot of them now are making a living from YouTube marketing and the methods that we teach them.
In the last years, we've written a series of e-books and articles teaching youtube marketers how to promote and brand themselves on YouTube and how to make money from the videos that they upload.

A lot of our clients are in the music industry, and they've asked for more detailed methods on how to promote their tracks on YouTube.
As always, we've tried to satisfy every single client, so we started to study more deeply the music promotion over YouTube. We've taken things so seriously, trying to make our clients happy that we started to search for ways to promote their tracks outside our "comfort zone"-YouTube.

After we've tested all the online music promoting platforms, we generated a series of detailed statistics and guess what...

Our results proved that SoundCloud is driving more traffic to young aspiring artists than YouTube.

So we started consulting and helping our clients ( that were in the music industry) to promote themselves on SoundCloud.

In a short time after they started following our SoundCloud marketing formula, their plays, followers and fans increased dramatically both on SoundCloud and on YouTube. 

For us, it wasn't that hard to find the "magic formula" to get popular on soundcloud... 


The answer is pretty streight forward, at the core Soundcloud is very much the same as YouTube, our expertise domain.
A lot of YouTube marketers consider us Youtube gurus, but we never said we are gurus... 
We are Internet marketers with over seven years experience in the field and beside that we have advanced studies in IT and coding so we understand how each feature of YouTube or Soundcloud works... and because of that we are able to squeeze the maximum possible from each featured offered. 

Soundcloud marketing is a lot easier than youtube... Why? 
Well because the competition is lower than the competition you have on YouTube, it's that simple. 
[imagini uploadte pe youtube vs soundcloud] 

The number of songs uploaded on Soundcloud is lower than the number of videos uploaded on YouTube each hours, because of that , we have higher chanches to get our songs noticed

Another important aspect of soundcloud is that the traffic is much more targeted for our niche ( music lovers) than on YouTube. 
When somebody is visiting Soundcloud it means he wants to listen to a track while, only 20% of youtube traffic is listening to music on YT, most of them are just watching random stuff like funny videos. 

As an artist what could you want more than a community of music lovers built for you, where the only thing you need to do is come and offer them your track...

It's like the audience of a concert is there in front of you and you are opening a Skrilex concert!
The big artists are making all the hard work for you, all you have to do is entertain and make all their fans yours also!

On Soundcloud, the competition is not that tough as on youtube, but still there are uploaded thousands of new tracks each hour. So we need a good and stable marketing plan to be able to stand out of the crowd and make our tracks noticed. 

We know that you're an artist and not an Internet Marketer!

Believe me after you read my e-book you will not think that Internet marketing is rocket science. 

We understand you!
We know that you don't have eight hours each day to dedicate learning and applying Internet marketing tactics to make your tracks noticed! 

This is our job!

To spend eight hours each day testing and tweaking all the marketing methods possible to make sure you get the best results in the shortest possible time. 
Our tests proved that with only 30 minutes of work each day you can get enough exposure to your tracks that they can easily go viral! 

The Soundcloud VIP ebook will teach me how to:
 Get more followers 
 Get more plays 
 Get your track viral 

The methods described in our ebook have nothing to do with SPAM! All the methods described comply to the soundcloud TOS.

Probably, you are asking yourself how can I make such statements... 
Why I'm so sure you will succeed! 

I'm basing my affirmations on the fact that in our five years in youtube marketing, we were able in a proportion of over 90% to satisfy all my clients and help them achieve the results that they were dreaming of. 

I've told you that lately I've started consulting and teaching my clients how to promote themselves on Soundcloud...

Guess What... 

All of them were able to achieve notable results after they followed my Soundcloud marketing tips and methods. 
Yes, I'm not exaggerating! All of them achieved results! 
Not even one didn't have a track with less than 100 plays. I'm not saying that all of them achieved 10000 followers and 20000 plays in 7 days, but they all had success. 

I can't guarantee these numbers. 
These numbers can be achieved just by the quality of your tracks combined with our soundcloud marketing methods

But I think if you are reading this page right now you are pretty serious about your music career, and I'm sure you are investing a lot of time to create and tweak your tracks... and how the word goes "hard work brings results" . 

Note: At the beginning I wanted to release this EBook free of charge on the Internet. I had in mind to help all the Soundclouders who have trouble promoting and getting the traffic they needed to their tracks. But after giving it out to my clients to test it out, we saw the incredible results they've got. They asked us to not release this product because the tactics described in there will make any newcomer viral and famous.

This made us think twice, because we want to help only the artist that are talented and have something to say. After a debate with our clients we decided to ask money for this EBook, this way we can make a selection between the newcomers that don't invest time and passion in their tracks from the artists that really deserve to get noticed.

Why... the answer is very simple because an artist will pay (a small fee) to learn how to get more exposure while a wannabe will not invest a dime in his career.
I hope we made the right decision asking a small fee for this EBook and we really hope this will make a selection between the users that will have access to the real power of Soundcloud marketing. 

I'm telling you that you won't believe the price... It's a bargain!

Let me show you some of the thank you letters that we've got from our SoundcloudVip members and after that I will let you buy the Soundcloud Marketing Ebook that will change your career! 

But better hurry. Because while I’m not limiting this to any specific number (just in case we go over)... 
I will have to take this page down at some point, and judging by the number of people visiting this page every few seconds right now... It won’t be long at all. 

I’m ready to make get to the next Soundcloud level and want to be one of only people to access Soundcloud VIP ebook.

I understand that: 

     The unique methods from this ebook have the power to make me a real VIPon SoundCloud.
     From the SoundcloudVIP ebook I will learn how to get more plays!
     From the SoundcloudVIP ebook I will learn how to boost the number ofSoundcloud followers!
     I will learn techniques used by professional internet marketers to gain more exposure on thier accounts!
     From the SoundcloudVIP ebook I will learn how to gain more facebook likes and shares on my soundcloud tracks!
     If I feel Soundcloud VIP ebook is to much for me or I'm not pleased by the methods described I will get my money back!
     I understand that SoundcloudVIP is just an ebook and I will not gain results just by reading it.
     I understand that I will have to apply the methods described in the SoundcloudVIP ebook at least 20-30 minutes each day to be able to promote my soundcloud account and gain more plays and followers!
     The techniques and methods described in the SoundCloudVIP ebook are not SPAM!


Thursday, September 10, 2013
We can’t guarantee the low price of $37 for Soundcloud VIP for much longer though. Our members are concerned that if our system becomes too accessible, they might not be able to continue gaining so much exposure to their tracks. Some members believe the price should be at least $97 so you must act fast to lock in your savings. 

Remember – You are taking absolutely no risk here.With the 50 day guarantee, all the risk is mine. Download it and try it out. Just don’t be surprised when SoundcloudVip methods will make your tracks go viral!

The ONLY difference between the Winners... and the Losers in life is one simple thing:
The Willingness To Take Massive Action. You have that opportunity here today...

* No PS's, Mate... You've got everything you need to either Win... or Whine. You Decide- just do it Soon!